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Set Yourself Up for Success with our 90 Day Success Formula!

Combining MINDSET with ONLINE & OFFLINE Strategies Will Take  Your Business to the NEXT LEVEL...


You are so much more than the oils you sell! Learn how to create a BRAND that people will want to follow! Learn how to find your TRIBE and HOW you can effectively communicate your message to the people who matter most!


Do you follow people online and wonder HOW ON EARTH do they do that? How do they ATTRACT people who loyally follow them and LOVE what they do? How to they SYSTEMATICALLY take people on a journey from not knowing who they are, to becoming fans, friends and team members? We are going to SHOW you exactly how it's done! & Better than that we are going to COACH you as you DO the same!


The essential oils business is a business based on genuine connection and authentic sharing. We are going to teach you the ADVANCED offline (in real life) strategies that are going to allow you to CONNECT with people outside of your warm market and grow your business and your team!


We are taking out the guess work! We don't want 'not knowing how' to be a barrier to ANYONE creating their dream life. Join us as we take you through our 90 day plan to take control of your business and begin creating your IDEAL life! We give you videos that allow you to look over our shoulder as we show you, workbooks to complete to give you a deeper understanding of the content we teach and checklists to keep you on task and ACTUALLY DOING THE WORK! 

This course is  Jam Packed with Value! Here's What You'll Get in the Course

8 Modules that will help you take control of your business and begin creating your ideal life!
Module 1: Foundations

Duration: 1 Week

This is where you lay the groundwork for the next 90 days! Goal setting, mindset, LOVING your oils, using your back office!

Module 2: Niche & Brand!

Duration: 1 Weeks 

Discover and create your BRAND! What makes you different to the other 3 million Wellness Advocates out there. Who is your tribe?

Module 3: Elite Bootcamp!

Duration: 2 Weeks 

We'll take you through the ELITE bootcamp so you can get yourself OR ANY NEW MEMBERS to Elite ASAP! Includes how to run a killer workshop and wellness consult!

Module 4: Facebook

Duration: 2 Weeks

Setting up your page, content planning & resources! Everything you need to know about creating and running a successful Facebook page for your BRAND!

Module 5: Your Website

Duration: 3 Weeks 

Everything you need to create a killer website to boost the authority of your BRAND! How to create it, what pages to create & how to do it on a BUDGET!

Module 6: The Sales Funnel

Duration: 2 Weeks

How to lead your tribe on a journey. From social media to your website, 1:1 or webinar! We'll SHOW you how this is done!

Module 7: Advanced Offline

Duration: 1 Week 

Advanced offline strategies to grow your business BEYOND your warm market and attract people into your team and your business! Get ready this is awesome!

Module 8: Advanced Online 

Duration: 1 Week

Learn advanced online strategies to scale your results and BOOST your success! FB ads, power partnerships and more! Scale your results and your business!

About Nicholas Fairbairn

Hi, I'm Nicholas Fairbairn; Freedom Creator, Truth Seeker, Entrepeneur, Business & Life Coach.  I am the founder of Oilsome and a doTERRA Diamond Leader, AromaTouch Instructor, CHEK Holistic Health Practitioner, Personal Trainer, PPS and TLC Practitioner, Hay House Earth Diet Coach, Scuba Dive Master. I have always followed my passion for life and have travelled to over 25 countries around the world! I have a thriving doTERRA business with over 2000 loyal members and this is growing by 15%-20% every single month! 

“I am excited to help you create the business and the life of your dreams!”

About Rhiannon Teague

Hi, I'm Rhiannon; Founder of Essentially Inspired and quintessential "Mum-Preneur".  I am mummy to two small children; Max (aged 7) and Chloe (aged 1). I have 11 years experience working in financial services have been running my own business (with my husband) for the last 4 years. 

Following a passion for health and wellness and a craving for a more balanced life, I turned to the essential oils business to help me create the life I have always dreamed of. For me this is a life of passion, purpose, financial well being and above all BALANCE! My entrepreneurial sp​irit and my quest for the ultimate LIFESTYLE business has fostered a love of online marketing.  I have been researching, learning, testing systems and paying coaches since my son was born in 2009.

“I am excited to share with YOU all that I have learned about growing a business online and helping you to create YOUR lifestyle business!”

90 Days to Set Up Your Entire Foundation for Success!

8 in depth modules covering all the areas of your business that you need to sky rocket your results!

Every module complete with workbooks and checklists making sure you TAKE ACTION in your business!

Ongoing support and coaching through the course! We'll be right there with you as you take control of your business!

Is this Course Right for You?


  • Anyone who is new to doTERRA and wants to launch their business!
  • Anyone who already has a doTERRA business and wants to give their business a massive boost!
  • People who are serious about creating a sustainable long term essential oils business!
  • Action takers who are committed to doing the work!


  • If you are happy to share the oils as a hobby and you like the way things are, carry on - you don't need this!
  • If you already have a kick-ass brand online and offline then you've already got this in the bag!
  • People who are NOT READY! We want people to get amazing value from the course. If you're not ready to commit to the work, then please wait until you feel ready! Once you ARE ready, we'd love to have you on board!

You'll also get these AWESOME Bonuses!

We want to make sure that this course is hands down the best investment you could possibly make in yourself and your business, so we are throwing in these awesome bonuses!

Access to a private Facebook Group

All 90 Day Success Formula participants will get access to a private Facebook group. This will be where we can interact with you, where you will post your assignments, share your wins and support each other. We can't wait to see you in there!


Coaching = weekly conference call

Launching or transforming a business is a BIG deal! You will need support and that is what we are here for! We'll be holding a weekly coaching call for all members for the duration of the course. You'll get to ask us questions and work through any blocks that are getting in your way!


Free Bonus Content!

We will have additional FB live calls, bonus coaching and content throughout! Don't miss out!!

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